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     Now, while this is technically the first page of Daily Grind, there is a pre-Daily Grind comic here that you might be interested in. It's called Hearts and Minds, and I did it a year and a half before drawing the above pages. It's got a much grimmer flavor to it than the strip I ended up doing here, but it's more-or-less "in continuity" with Daily Grind and takes place coincidentally about a year and a half before this first comic. So feel free to head on over there.

     For those of you who'd like to follow Howlett's example up at the top there and check out what Snarky's talking about this morning, click on over to Websnark and check out the timely writings of Eric Burns. That's the place I learned about the contest that's resulting in this comic--

     But then you can read more about me and the reason why this comic exists on our lovely Current Archive page. Thank you!