As long as Kestrel's mentioning Terebinth here, I thought I'd address a question sent to me by a reader in connection with the strips leading up to this one: "Is Terebinth going to feature more in the future episodes? and if not, then why is the comic named for him/her/it?"

     So let me reassure all the Terry fans out there that, yes, he is indeed going to reappear. Just not for a while.

     This comic, for instance, marks exactly the one-third mark in this first story, and except for his constant attendance at the top of each page, Terry doesn't show up again till Page 121.

     But he's vital to the entire essence of this thing. Without him, Cory and Kestrel would never have met, the stone would never have gotten that face, our heroes would never have heard of Jamaica Al, none of that. Terebinth is the catalyst, the force that the more mobile characters react to, the root that anchors the thing as it drives onward toward high adventure.

     And that's why the comic's named after him. Or maybe I just liked the sound of the word. Yeah, that seems more likely...