Well, this day marked the occasion off my first "spam" at the e-mail address above there. Made me feel more legitimate somehow.

     I mean, I'd gotten other e-mail at the official Terebinth address, but after displaying the thing here and on every back page of the comic for right around five months, I was starting to wonder if maybe I'd done something wrong. But then on this date--or maybe the day before; things run together, y'understand--there it was, waiting for me.

     The worst part, though? I'm so used to deleting spam when it pops up, I hit the delete button without even letting the subject line register in my brain. Poof! it was gone, and only then did I realize I'd missed the opportunity to practice the hopefully lost art of spamomancy--the ability to foretell the future based on the spam in your "in box." I could've plotted the comic's whole life history...if only I'd been a little slower with the kill key.

     Ah, well. I guess I'll just face the future in blissful ignorance as usual...