And lo, we venture into unseen territory!

     As you're no doubt sick of hearing, Terebinth appeared in print in the fanzine Yarf! for a number of years. They printed eight pages in every issue, and they came out with three or four issues a year.

     I know, I know: you were told there would be no math. So suffice it to say that this page of Terebinth was the first to appear originally on the web and had never before been seen by human or semi-human eyes--well, I mean, except for me and a couple of my friends. And Jeff Ferris, the editor of Yarf!. And whoever on the Yarf! staff he may have shown it to...

     Anyway, this and all the subsequent pages that appear on the site here before issue #69 of Yarf! comes out will be all new, too. Subject, of course, to the provisos enumerated at the end of the previous paragraph.