Y'know, this reminds me that I never did finish the Harry Potter series. I got two chapters into the sixth one when it came out, realized I didn't remember who most of the characters were, decided I'd better re-read the earlier ones, and then never got around to doing it. I prob'bly should at some point...

     For my part, I finished serializing my My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan novel, Half the Day is Night, over at Equestria Daily during the July 4th weekend. I labored on it for three-and-a-half months under the name AugieDog, but I've decided to abandon the whole idea of "internet anonymity" and embrace the work as my own. 'Cause I really enjoyed doing it and might just do another one once I get done with the more-saleable novel I'm working on.

     I've also still got the recordings of me reading my unpublished novel Rat's Reputation, a semi-sequel to my published novel, The Blood Jaguar, on my radio program, The Darkling Eclectica. Just take the first link in the first sentence of this paragraph, and you'll find a page where MP3 files of all 20 half-hour installments are ready and waiting to be downloaded. So feel free!

     And if you've got a Kindle and would like to read The Blood Jaguar, it's now available in that format.

     In other news, I've signed Terebinth up over at OhNoRobot. It's a search engine for comics: see, you transcribe the dialogue and captions from your comics and send them in to the OhNoRobot database. Then if someone's looking for, say, every occurrence of the word "halcyon" in those comics in the database, that someone would just type the word into the search box, and bingo! Up pops the link.

     So, if you wanna help out, click on back to the 2003 Archive, pick a comic--thanks to DracoDei and Betaalpha, we've got things done up through the first 50 pages or so: to the middle of August, I think it is--and click on the phrase "Transcribe this Comic" at the bottom of the page. A new page will open up, you type in the captions and dialogue from that comic, and click the submit button. It's just that easy, and thanks.