Block of text, anyone? Block of text?

     It's even possible that the story unveiled within that block of text might sound slightly familiar to long-time followers of my stuff: specifically, the creation myth the meerkat mystic Ramon Sooli tells in chapter seven of my novel The Blood Jaguar, first published by Tor Books a baker's dozen years ago.

     If you haven't read the novel, that's OK. But may I suggest spending one thin dollar at Amazon's Kindle store to download A Curial Quartet? It's a collection of four short stories, three of them previously published, about the Twelve Curials, the pantheon of deities who watch over that particular talking animal universe as well as the Thirteenth, the death goddess, the Blood Jaguar herself. The first story in the collection isn't necessary reading to follow the current happenings here in Terebinth, but, hey, if you enjoy the stories here, you might just enjoy the stories there.