Four - Dust Bunny


     At least this is the last strip in the Secret Undisclosed Location here for awhile--doing this whole "blackening" effect takes me for-blinking-ever.

     Speaking of which, I'd like to apologize for Tharka's salty language here. Tharka's line here will be familiar to those of you who've gone over and read Tharka and Gana's pre-Daily Grind adventure "Hearts and Minds," but I couldn't stop myself from putting it in here as well. I'll try to keep Tharka's swearing to a minimum here in the actual Daily Grind comic, though.

     As for the 2005 San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend--and yes, I know it's called Comic Con International these days, but I reserve the curmudgeon's right to call it by its old name since this was, I believe, the 25th year I've attended this particular agglomeration--it was pretty fine. I bought lotsa comics and missed a couple of opportunities to say "howdy" to T Campbell, editor of Graphic Smash and one of the folks who helped us count votes in this past round of the WCCAwards. I didn't manage to see any of the other Daily Grind folks who were at the con, either, so I can only conclude that I'm rapidly on my way to becoming a recluse.

     Thanks to Marilyn Scott-Waters for driving this year, to Dan Goodsell for showing me the true interconnectedness of all things, to Lynn Lau and Dan Coble for their enjoyable company on the road to and from San Diego, and even though I missed every single webcomics panel at the convention, I still managed to enjoy myself.