Seven - Pocketful of Dreams


     And as long as Jo's mentioning dreams, I'd like to provide a little something extra for those of you who haven't rushed out and gotten yourself a recording of the song from which I stole the title for this particular storyline: "I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams," written in 1938 by John Burke and James V. Monaco.

     Turns out that the Cypress branch of the Orange County Public Library here in southern California has a vast collection of sheet music, so I asked them to fax me a photocopy at the end of November, put together an arrangement for guitar and voice, and you can hear me play and sing it by clicking here.

     If you listen carefully, you may even find the grammatical error Mr. Burke made almost 70 years ago when he wrote the lyrics!

     Also, if you'd like to read more about me and my radio program than anyone really needs to know, KUCI's got this interview with me up on their web site. And those of you who don't live in Newport Beach, CA probably didn't see the interview with me on the city's public access channel. You can view it, though, by going to The Newport Channel site and looking down the list for a program called "Look at the Library - The Balboa Branch." They interview me during the last ten minutes or so of the show.