Eighteen - Administrative Oversight


     I'll readily admit something myself here at the top of storyline #18, "Administrative Oversight": I have no idea how long this one's gonna last.

     Regular storylines run for six weeks according to the rules I've established around here, but storylines that're evenly divisible by six, they're designed to be larger in scope--the first one, "The Batrachonesian Amphora," went seven weeks while the second, "Holiday," went nine. Whether "Administrative Oversight" will therefore run eleven weeks, I'd rather not speculate at this time. I know what has to happen in the story, and I'm sure it'll last us into April, but how far into April, ah, that's the question!

     Anyway, this story will also mark the beginning of the third year of Daily Grind strips. It'll mark that beginning a week early, but hey, it's not like I'm anal about stuff like that....