Twenty-Four - A Long, Long Trail A-Winding


     So, this is the big story, then. Wrapping up Book IV and winding up a number of plot threads from the past year or so, this story takes its name from the popular 1913 song by Stoddard King and Zo Elliott. It's the song Howlett's singing in the first panel of the first comc, as a matter of fact, and it should take us all the way up to the 3rd anniverary at the end of February.

     It occurs to me that I oughtta provide a link back to the end of "Animus," our twenty-first storyline, in which the Queen of the Night took charge of Agrippina and all that. Just so we'll all know. And I guess I should point out that this is the morning of August 12, 2005, a Friday for those of you keeping track of these things.