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Thirty-Five - Iris Out

didn't need
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The Horizontal

     Well, so much for them! Of course, we still have the concluding chapter starting here Monday and scheduled to last on through pretty much for the rest of summer, but, I mean, what more could possibly happen?

     On a side note, I've often wondered--just in an idle sort of a way--how much of a fussbudget I could be if I really let myself go. Well, I don't wonder anymore.

     Because, while re-reading "Iris Out" the morning after posting these pages, I noticed that for the last three weeks of this story and the last two weeks of "Against the Dying of the Light," our 33rd storyline, I'd forgotten to draw in Cinnamon's black eye, the shiner she got when Jolene had to knock her out near the end of "A Flick of the Lash," storyline number 32. Three guesses, then, what I then spent the next couple hours doing...