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Thirty-Six - Chiaroscuro

their claws
winging overhead:

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The Horizontal

     So, in homage to the folks in the Contest with me, I've been working characters into the comic here based on their comics: you can check out the details on that here and here.

     I still have two more to do, and of those, Andrew Rothery was the one I had the hardest time figuring out. I mean, his TRU-Life Adventures is full of human beings, for crying out loud, all working in a toy store and having various multi-dimensional adventures! What could I do with that??

     Then I remembered that the toy store's mascot was a large centipede called Centi-pete. And we'll be seeing more of his analogue as this story progresses. As for my tribute to Edward J. Grug III, he'll be along here in a bit, too.