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Thirty-Seven - Second Date

from the ocean
behind him

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The Horizontal

     We've seen bits and pieces of Jo's past throughout the run of the comic: she discussed her day in court with Alice back near the beginning of "'-30-'," our fifth storyline, and "Pocketful of Dreams," our 7th storyline, took her back to her old neighborhood for a few days.

     Speaking of old neighborhoods, I should probably make clear that the plan is for Roz Gibson to go back to the beginning of Daily Grind and redraw my rewritten script of those first pages with the idea of putting a book together eventually--this link will give you some idea of what the characters'll look like. I, meanwhile, will continue with Book VII, Book VIII, Book IX, et cetera, at my usual rate of two new pages a day. That'll keep everything copacetic as far as the contest is concerned.