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Thirty-Nine - Twelve Feet Under

the phone's answering machine:

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The Horizontal

     Which ends the storyline, probably the one with the most words and the fewest actual pictures of any of them so far...

     Daily Grind continues, however, as we move into the 40th storyline of the series and the 4th chapter of Book VII, The City When it Sleeps. "The Best Defense" will feature Gana and Tharka, and running the usual 6 weeks, it'll take us through the 5th anniversary of the comic at the end of February.

     And did I mention the contest I entered over on Jason Evans's Clarity of Night website? He posts photos he's taken, then invites folks to submit 250 word stories inspired by the photo. Mine was the 75th of 237 entries in his most recent contest, and he picked it as the winner.