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Forty-Three - Solitaire

This is Howlett: how

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The Horizontal

     For more on Ellarose and Eulatti, please feel free to consult our 30th storyline, "The Way of All Flesh": that's where they meet, fall in love, and get engaged, after all...

     As for Comic Con International, it proved to be a fine experience once again. I said my annual "hello" to fellow Daily Grind contestant Brad Guigar and realized that the two of us represented one-third of those remaining in the running.

     But the scariest bit of Daily Grind related synchronicity occurred after I got home from the con. See, I've been singing and playing guitar at the local Catholic church for, oh, 30 years now, I guess: since high school, at any rate. And for the past five or six years, I've had a piano player sitting in with me. Before the 5PM mass this past Saturday, I mentioned I'd been at ComicCon the past two days, and Eric then tells me that he usually goes and helps out a friend with his booth. His friend, it turns out, is Steve Troup, the guy behind Melonpool and a former competitor in the contest!

     It's a small, webcomicky world, I reckon.