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Forty-Four - The Sting

into our
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The Horizontal

     Working on these comics the past five-and-a-half years, I haven't had time to watch a lot of evening television. But usually, while I'm in the spare bedroom scanning pages and all, Dad's out in the front room watching TV. So I hear most TV shows rather than watch them. And one thing I've really enjoyed listening to is the voice-over narration in the show Burn Notice.

     So here's Doc upgraded a bit from the hand-written narration he employed during our second storyline, "A Tooth for a Tooth." I can only guess he picked up a few things from the typewritten narration Alice did during our 39th storyline, "Twelve Feet Under."

     As for the events Doc's outlining here, Mrs. Teasdale and Gloriana uncovered the kidnapping ring near the end of our 17th storyline "Cradle to Grave"; Alban tore Corsine in half near the end of our 28th storyline, "This Mortal Coil"; Jo and Howlett learned about the Tiakula's push into Gadsden in the middle of "Second Date," our 37th storyline; and Daily Grind disrupted their operations in that storyline and the following five storylines.

     Which leads us here, I guess.