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Fifty-One - Menuet a Tre

Doc, tall in his

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The Horizontal

     What's all this fez-wearing in the Realms Beyond??

     Though, I suppose, technically it's just Awkawt who's wearing a fez. Agrippina has always affected a military-style helmet--though I still recall with fondness one of my nieces looking at some page, possibly this one, back when I was drawing the 21st storyline, "Animus," and asking why that spider was wearing a flowerpot on her head. Because that summed up Agrippina's character so completely: no matter what sort of military headgear she adopts, she's really just wearing a flowerpot on her head.

     She gotten a little better since she became Lady Regent of the Airborne Web, but, well, as we've seen the last week or two, blowhards like Lady Gower there can still push her aside pretty easily...