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Fifty-Three - Toccata & Fugue

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The Horizontal

     Some people just need their coffee...

     Still, here we start into the third and final Act of Rhapsody, Book IX of Daily Grind, the most grueling 18 weeks of comics I hope I ever hafta do. Two links, though, as we set off, one of which might not work, but there it is. The first is E. Power Biggs performing the best-known Toccata & Fugue, Bach's fabled Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BMV 565, something you might want to bookmark for your upcoming Hallowe'en celebrations.

     The second, the one that might not work, is to Book 1 of Mike Stevens' Ninja Death Comics. I can only get the pages to load on certain computers I have access to, but it's the place from which I stole the character who became Steven and the reason I'll be spending the next 18 weeks doing what I'll be doing.