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Sixty - Waxing and Waning

for that, Miss Jolene?''

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The Horizontal

     I can imagine that Toch's trial will be "standing room only" with all the folks who want to watch.

     Have I mentioned that the illustrated edition of my book The Blood Jaguar is available for sale on the Sofawolf Books site now? As are two reprint anthologies, each of which has something by me in it: Already Among Us with my story "River Man," originally published in Asimov's SF magazine back in 1993, and The Ursa Major Awards Anthology with "Familiars" in it, the first of the stories about Cluny the Sorceress Squirrel.

     And I've got a story in Bronies: For the Love of Ponies, a new anthology from Kazka Press that focuses on the fandom that's sprung up around the current My Little Pony cartoon series.