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The Horizontal

     We've seen before that Dodger often knows more than he can say: near the end of Act I of our 30th storyline, "The Way of All Flesh," for instance, and near the beginning of our 42nd storyline, "Burning Down the House." How it'll all work out this time is another question...

     In case you'd like to see a photo of my grotesque mug and puzzle over my answers to a series of questions about my weekly radio program, I've got a little interview thing over on the KUCI website. Ah, the information!

     As we inch on into the new year, let me mention this book I've got a story in. At Year's End from Kazka Press is a collection of 19 seasonal stories, each of them containing 500 words or fewer. It's an "e-book" only, but if you're looking for some quick and interesting fiction, give it a squint!

     Might I also mention that vol. 27 of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword & Sorceress anthology is now available in a variety of formats? And that it contains "Airs Above the Ground," the sixth of my stories about Cluny, the sorceress squirrel? Might I mention that?