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Sixty-Five - Jitters

All went well your

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The Horizontal

     This chapter opens Wednesday evening, December 14th, 2005, just one week away from Connie and Alban's wedding. Hence this chapter's title, I'd say...

     I keep wandering around the internet looking for photos of this recent Nebula Award weekend to see if I was really there or just imagined the whole thing, and so far, I've found one. Sarah Beth Durst, one of the ten authors nominated for the Andre Norton Award this year, has an entry detailing her experiences, and halfway through, she has a photo of herself and the three other Norton nominees who attended sitting at their table during the mass signing event Friday evening. And if you look behind the head of E. C. Myers, the fellow on the glasses and the blue shirt, you'll see two figures. The one wearing the hat is Terry Bisson, author of "Bears Discover Fire" and several other fine, fine stories, and the one in the brown shirt all hunched over 'cause I was apparently taking off my jacket at the exact moment the picture was being snapped is me.