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Seventy-Eight - Red Glare

brought this school back

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The Horizontal

     My new pen, after working fine for the last couple months, just stopped passing ink this evening. As usual, it took me ten minutes to pull it apart, clean it, and put it back together, then I spent another ten minutes scrawling it across a piece of scratch paper without making a single mark. I pulled it apart again, cleaned it again, did some more fruitless scrawling, then dug a black pen out of Dads's desk to finish these pages. I pulled the pen apart a third time later in the evening and somehow managed to wrench the whole innards out of the nib. So I cleaned them, too, spent an extra five minutes threading it all back into place, and the thing started right up: I inked a couple panels of Wednesday's pages just to make sure, so here's hoping for the best!