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Seventy-Nine - Birthday Boy

through the classroom buildings

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     Three years?? Has it really been three years since the middle of our 56th storyline, "Settling In," and the last time Monty showed up in the comic?? Yes, that's only been six weeks for Our Heroes and folks have mentioned him here and there in the intervening stories--Eduard still works as his bodyguard, after all--but I can't help wondering what has the world come to??

     Be that all as it may, however, feel free to head over and check out the cover art to Book XIII, then let's start Book XIV of our continuing Daily Grind adventures perched on the verge of finally leaving the year 2005 after more than a decade of stories! Such excitement!

     Here's something for folks who have an hour or so of free time. The weekly podcast Far Fetched Fables has been featuring readings of fantasy stories for more than a year now. And last week, they presented "Where There's Smoke," one of my Cluny the Sorceress Squirrel stories. So give it a listen!