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Eighty-Four - Chutes and Ladders

'Howlett' is such a

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     If folks would like to review the history of Quetzal here in the comic, Eulatti and Howlett first merged to form him near the end of our 12th storyline, "Holiday." Then, Agrippina and Moira tried bring Quetzal into being near the end of our 19th storyline, "Signing the Senses." Then those same four turned into twin Quetzals near the end of the 24th storyline, "A Long, Long Trail A-Winding."

     After that, we went Quetzal-less till Howlett forced Toch to merge with him at the end of the 50th storyline, "Adagietto," a state they remained in throughout the entirety of our 52nd storyline, "Scherzando," while throwing the whole concept of Quetzal into the blender. Things got further confused when Howlett merged with the centipede Lord Sowhen near the end of our 72nd storyline, "Crash Positions," to form some sort of Megaquetzal while Moira and Agrippina got together to make the real Quetzal a few pages later. So who knows what's gonna happen next?