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Eighty-Eight - Snafu

popping out. ''It's her!''

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The Horizontal

     Ah, sweet consensus...

     As for me, I got bounced from the jury after explaining to the judge that I was tempermentally unsuited to play referee in our adversarial system of justice. And while I didn't quite vomit all over myself in open court while doing so, it was a near thing.

     In fact, I stammered and twitched so much, the judge called me into his chambers with the court reporter and the two attorneys in the belief that being out of the gaze of the other potential jurors would make me more comprehensible. This, of course, was not the case, so after several fruitless minutes, the judge looked at the attorneys and asked, "Stipulate?"

     "Stipulate," they both replied nearly in unison, and I was shown the door.