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With many thanks to Daniel Coble for the calendar code...

     Now, I'm a slow, methodical sort of a person, a "dull, technical kinda guy," to paraphrase the line Claude Binyon puts into Bing Crosby's mouth in the film Holiday Inn. In my other online comic, Terebinth, I measure each panel on each page, poking the layouts till I get them looking just the way I want them to. And while I enjoy that, well, it does take just a wee bit of the spontaneity out of the creative process.

     And then, Monday, February 28th, 2005 at about 6 o'clock PM (Pacific Time since I'm typing this about half a block from the Pacific ocean), I checked in on Eric Burns's Websnark as I did every couple days back then to see what he had to say about webcomics in particular and the rest of the world in general. And I see there a mention of the Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge: basically, everyone throws twenty bucks into a pot, then has to update an online comic with new material Monday through Friday. Miss a day, you're outta the contest: last cartoonist standing gets all the money.

     Now, there it was, less than 6 hours till the entry deadline, and I was just reading the contest rules for the first time. Why I signed up when I had no idea at all for a comic, I could easily blame on the 2 chocolate Zingers and the box of chocolate milk I was sucking down--I was on my break at the library where I work, y'see. But instead, I think I'll blame Fate. I was apparently in need of something to shake my bones, something to rattle me around like the little ball in a can of spray paint, and right on schedule, here came this contest thing. I had no choice but to enter.

     As mentioned above, I do another comic called Terebinth also located here at xepher.net, and I host a radio program called The Darkling Eclectica every Sunday afternoon from 4 till 6 over KUCI--that's KUCI in Irvine, 88.9 on your FM dial, broadcasting live from the University of California, Irvine.

     I'm also a writer with a bunch of short stories published in magazines like Asimov's Science Fiction and anthologies like the one from the Writers of the Future contest. I've got a couple novels, too, and you can check out the whole selection of my stuff on my Amazon Author's Page in both Kindle and print formats. This last link will also expose you to a photograph of my gruesome visage. Please plan accordingly.

     Let's see: what else? I belong to the Science-fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, the Science-fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association, sing and play guitar at a Catholic church in the coastal deserts south of Los Angeles, and I'm pretty much an idiot most of the time.

     That should do it for now. And I came in second after lasting for fifteen years.

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