Daily Grind - Table of Contents

     So, six stories makes a Book and each Book has a title. It's all listed right here!

     First, there's the Pre-Daily Grind story Hearts and Minds if you wanna see what some of the characters looked like in a story I wrote and drew a couple years before the contest came along

     Then would come the actual Books:

Book I: Another Country
     Intro: Welcome to Daily Grind
     One: The Crossing Guard
     Two: A Tooth for a Tooth
     Three: Chrysalis
     Four: Dust Bunny
     Five: "-30-"
     Six: The Batrachonesian Amphora

Book II: Out of Darkness
     Seven: Pocketful of Dreams
     Eight: Under Hill
     Nine: Selected Shorts
     Ten: Sons of the Black Swan
     Eleven: The Apprentice
     Twelve: Holiday

Book III: Alone Together
     Thirteen: Tools of the Trade
     Fourteen: Simplicity Itself
     Fifteen: Shifting Sands
     Sixteen: Toil and Trouble
     Seventeen: Cradle to Grave
     Eighteen: Administrative Oversight

Book IV: Till There was You
     Nineteen: Signing the Senses
     Twenty: Hypocrisy
     Twenty-One: Animus
     Twenty-Two: On a Clear Day
     Twenty-Three: Point of Order
     Twenty-Four: A Long, Long Trail A-Winding

Book V: Written on Water
     Twenty-Five: Saturday
     Twenty-Six: Artifacts
     Twenty-Seven: Foreign Correspondence
     Twenty-Eight: This Mortal Coil
     Twenty-Nine: Patrimony
     Thirty: The Way of All Flesh

Book VI: The Eyes of the World
     Thirty-One: Refraction
     Thirty-Two: A Flick of the Lash
     Thirty-Three: Against the Dying of the Light
     Thirty-Four: Crack of Dawn
     Thirty-Five: Iris Out
     Thirty-Six: Chiaroscuro

Book VII: The City When it Sleeps
     Thirty-Seven: Second Date
     Thirty-Eight: The Old Country
     Thirty-Nine: Twelve Feet Under
     Forty: The Best Defense
     Forty-One: Grand Opening
     Forty-Two: Burning Down the House

Book VIII: Stolen Moments
     Forty-Three: Solitaire
     Forty-Four: The Sting
     Forty-Five: Feather in the Wind
     Forty-Six: Time and the River Flowing
     Forty-Seven: Maintenance
     Forty-Eight: Hierogamia

Book IX: Rhapsody
     Forty-Nine: Introduction & Allegro
     Fifty: Adagietto
     Fifty-One: Menuet a Tre
     Fifty-Two: Scherzando
     Fifty-Three: Toccata & Fugue
     Fifty-Four: Totenfeier

Book X: Sun Won't Stop
     Fifty-Five: Acceptance
     Fifty-Six: Settling In
     Fifty-Seven: Forgery
     Fifty-Eight: Many Happy Returns
     Fifty-Nine: In Shining Armor
     Sixty: Waxing and Waning

Book XI: Midwinter's Eve
     Sixty-One: Standard Operating Procedures
     Sixty-Two: Black Swans LLC
     Sixty-Three: Paper Moon
     Sixty-Four: The Ties That Bind
     Sixty-Five: Jitters
     Sixty-Six: Hearts and Flowers

Book XII: Worlds in Collision
     Sixty-Seven: Adventures in Spider Sitting
     Sixty-Eight: The In-Laws
     Sixty-Nine: Brunch
     Seventy: Taking the Ride
     Seventy-One: The Unpleasantness
     Seventy-Two: Crash Positions

Book XIII: Dawn's Early Light
     Seventy-Three: Fits and Starts
     Seventy-Four: Familial
     Seventy-Five: Contraindicated
     Seventy-Six: In the Country of the Blind
     Seventy-Seven: For Want of a Nail
     Seventy-Eight: Red Glare

Book XIV: Ringing the Changes
     Seventy-Nine: Birthday Boy
     Eighty: Nesting
     Eighty-One: The Job
     Eighty-Two: Safety Net
     Eighty-Three: Minding the Gap
     Eighty-Four: Chutes and Ladders

Book XV: What Remains
     Eighty-Five: General Quarters
     Eighty-Six: Radio Silence
     Eighty-Seven: Stable 2
     Eighty-Eight: Snafu
     Eighty-Nine: Hurry Up and Wait
     Ninety: Fubar

Book XVI: Boundless
     Ninety-One: Windy and Warm
     Ninety-Two: These Mean Streets
     Ninety-Three: Conglomeration
     Ninety-Four: Gang Aft A-gley
     Ninety-Five: A Game of Gnat and Serpent
     Ninety-Six: Centerpiece

Book XVII: Spellbound
     Ninety-Seven: Evidentiary
     Ninety-Eight: Jurisprudence
     Ninety-Nine: The Court of Public Opinion
     One Hundred: Move to Strike
     One Hundred One: Star Chamber
     One Hundred Two: Balancing the Scales

Book XVIII: The Raveled Sleeve of Care
     One Hundred Three: Sticking Plasters
     One Hundred Four: The Vapors
     One Hundred Five: Leech
     One Hundred Six: Autoimmune Response
     One Hundred Seven: Warts and Bunions
     One Hundred Eight: Motion Sickness

Book XIX: Window Box

     One Hundred Nine: First Person Plural
     One Hundred Ten: Glottal Stop
     One Hundred Eleven: Sibilance
     One Hundred Twelve: Voiced and Unvoiced
     One Hundred Thirteen: Resonance
     One Hundred Fourteen: A Tickle in the Throat

     Opening Pages with Art by Roz Gibson

     Back in 2010, I hired artist Roz Gibson to redesign and
redraw the first twenty or so pages of the comic.

     These are the results.

     One Hundred Fifteen: Jo's Typewritten Musings

     Jo gets a typewriter to put her thoughts on paper.

     She eats all the paper afterwards, sure, but still...

     One Hundred Sixteen: All in the Family

     Alice and Doc are exchanging text messages when Malvolio decides to drop in.

     How she manages to do it isn't a question that really comes up....

     One Hundred Seventeen: The Nameless

     Tharka, Gana, Juliette, and Eduard are up to their old tricks when it comes to summoning little blue monsters.

     This time, it's maybe not the best idea they've ever had...

     One Hundred Eighteen: Expense Reports

     Daily Grind's been hired by Florabelle, the Queen of Queens in Gadsden's Myrmec District, so Howlett asks Mrs. Teasdale to come along with him. And working for royalty, well, there certainly shouldn't be any problem covering the expenses they incur on the job.

     But nothing's ever simple in Anttown, is it?

     One Hundred Nineteen: A Dose of Perspective

     In the aftermath of the previous adventure, Mrs. Teasdale expresses a certain amount of disgruntlement to Alban over supper. Alban's attempts to ease this disgruntlement lead to assault, theft, and a great deal of death magic.

     All of which proves that disgruntlement's rather in the eye of the beholder...

     One Hundred Twenty: Deliverance

     Time runs together, unspools, and drips all over the place as the Coil of the future records in his journal what the Coil of the present did the day Grace gave birth to her and Steven's child.

     As if that wasn't enough of an adventure right there!

     One Hundred Twenty-One: The Transitive Property

     Once upon a time, a young frog found herself attracted to a building, a temple whose construction had allegedly been ordered several centuries earlier by the semi-mythological figure known as Lord Quetzal. And despite all obstacles, Chloe Rhegminos became an acolyte of Lord Quetzal's temple on the island of Cloud Forest.

     Then her troubles really began.

     One Hundred Twenty-Two: Nuptials

     Malvolio doesn't want to tell this story no matter how much Doc or Alice or Jolene or Coil or anyone glares at her. That none of them actually are glaring at her—except maybe Coil—doesn't matter in the slightest.

     Malvolio's a proudly unreliable narrator, after all.

     One Hundred Twenty-Three: Universally Acknowledged

     Nathaniel Henshaw hasn't had an easy road becoming Gadsden's police chief. And now that he's entered into a romantic relationship with a semi-mythical spider who's rehabilitating from a murderous life of crime, things have gotten even more complicated.

     Henshaw loves every minute of it.

     One Hundred Twenty-Four: The Wild Hunt

     With the Twilight Realms reestablishing their connections to the Mortal Realm after four hundred years, it seems inevitable that there will be a few snags and glitches and peculiarities that need smoothing over.

     It seems every bit as inevitable that these jagged pieces will find themselves drawn to Daily Grind...

     One Hundred Twenty-Five: Honey or Cheese?

     Alice writes a feature article for the Gazette about her recently concluded honeymoon.

     Other topics may come up as well.

     One Hundred Twenty-Six: Slipskin

     Howlett comes to Tharka for assistance in shedding his skin.

     This proves to be more fraught an operation than anyone might've expected.

     One Hundred Twenty-Seven: Succor

     Jo and Mrs. Teasdale have just finished up something of an impromptu mission. That means it's time to write a report about it for Howlett.

     No typewriters were harmed during the making of this storyline.

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