Ten - Sons of the Black Swan


     That's the trouble with maguffins like this diamond: they just keep popping up.

     Now, my comic here has generated very little in the way of "fan art." There's been one, basically, from now former Grinder Jason Turner: scroll down to the bottom of the March 25, 2005 page, and you'll see it there.

     Now, though, we got us a second. From Adie, the mad fiend behind Spiffystuff and Anthem come these wonderful studies of Howlett, both in his usual attire and in his Sons of the Black Swan regalia.

     Adie asks several interesting questions, too, about the biology of these talking animals: does Howlett actually have a forked tongue, for instance, and how do insects in this world talk? I've managed to squeeze a few hints into the comic here and there about these sorts of things, but I'll be addressing them a bit more directly in the next storyline, a thing called "The Apprentice" and featuring D. F. Tharka. It should be starting on April 10th if all goes well.