Twelve - Holiday


     And so we come to the end of "Holiday," the twelfth storyline here at Daily Grind. A few threads wrapped up, a few more unraveled: pretty much par for the course around here. Monday, we start into lucky storyline number thirteen, a thing called "Tools of the Trade" featuring Doc and Alice and concentrating on matters a bit more earthly than all this magical spider stuff we've been having of late.

     As for me, I spent all day yesterday in San Diego at the Comic Con International and, while I suppose it's a sign of my incipient fogey-hood, I couldn't help but remember the con in the mid-80s at the old San Diego convention center. I mean, this new building could swallow at least two of those old places, seems to me, and still have room for a Pokemon tournament pavilion or three...

     I introduced myself to two of my fellow "Grinders"--Jennie Breeden and R. Smith--and no blows were exchanged or fingers broken. All quite civilized, we apparently are. I picked up the new collection of Anthem, Spiffystuff's marvelous mad scientist comic, and bunches of other fine stuff, but I'm gonna get this uploaded now and hit the hay--gotta catch the train back down to San Diego tomorrow morning for another day of comics!