Thirteen - Tools of the Trade


     Another Monday, and the beginning of another storyline here at Daily Grind! It's the first time, I think, we've ever seen the inside of Doc's bachelor pad--too bad it hasta be under such sad circumstances....

     As for the Comic Con International down in San Diego, my Friday was even more chock full of event than Thursday was. I introduced myself to three more "Grinders"--Jamie Dee Galey, Brad Guigar, and D.J. Coffman--bought more comics, did a great deal of wandering around aimlessly, and visited the Keenspot panel Friday evening to see what was going on with them.

     Then a train ride home marred only by a bunch of drunks getting on board at the Del Mar racetrack stop and getting into a fight in the club car that had three police cars and an ambulance waiting when the train pulled in at Oceanside. We were about an hour delayed, and I didn't get to bed till after midnight! As my friend Dan put it, "There's something about a train..."

     I avoid going within 100 miles of San Diego on the Saturday and Sunday of the con so I don't add to the crowds there, but that gave me a chance to catch up on my napping. All in all, a great deal of fun--as it's always been.