Thirteen - Tools of the Trade


     So there it is, my first--and I'm thinking it may perhaps prove to be my only--attempt at the classic style of murder mystery.

     As with all our storylines, though, the fallout will spread its tendrils into the Daily Grind universe at large--I mean, all that LaRue stuff they've been talking about all week happened way back in "A Tooth for a Tooth," our second storyline! So Alice, for instance, will be laid up for the next six or eight stories. And who knows what'll happen at the hospital now that Dr. Chalmers in gone?

     Well, I know, but I'm not gonna say anything about it for a while 'cause our next storyline, "Simplicity Itself," doesn't have any hospital stuff in it at all. It's got Jolene and a couple characters based on my all-time favorite comedy team. So hijinks: yeah, I think this next one's gonna be chock fulla hijinks....