Eighteen - Administrative Oversight


     Yeah, looks like we'll need an "epilogue" week after Act Five ends this Friday to get this all straightened out...

     I'd also like to thank fellow Grind Contestant Bela Whigimill, known as Billis and the mad mind behind the unbendingly surreal Young Adventure Friends and Sweet Birdage Chirps, for asking me several questions that led me to rewrite Madame Lucia's opening rant here.

     We're gonna be hearing a lot about spiders around these pages for the rest of the year, and Billis reminded me that I haven't really said all that much about who and what they are yet--the closest I've managed to come, I think, is this brief exchange between Doc and Lady Mab back during "Under Hill," our eighth storyline and the story where the Fae first make their presence known. So consider Lucia's speech here another step in the direction of enlightenment.