Nineteen - Signing the Senses


     The phrase "signing the senses" is more usually rendered "the signing of the senses," but I like the sound of the shorter phrase better. It's a religious ritual associated with both Confirmation and Last Rites, with both the entrance into the responsibilities of adult life and the final leave-taking before death, but, hey, you can Google it if you wanna see what all is involved with it in our world.

     What we'll have here is a six-week-long adventure among the sherpesh, but one that won't involve Howlett: Mr. Tharka and Mrs. Teasdale have center stage instead. Oh, and a couple of reminders: Cherchert is the name for the Wind At Night, and, as per comic book convention, dialogue enclosed in angle brackets is translated from a foreign language, in this case from Cobraic.

     One more thing: because I tend to get obsessive about the internal chronology around here, I've gone through the Table of Contents and put in the dates during which each of our adventures have taken place. "Signing the Senses," in case anyone wonders, begins here on Sunday night, July 3, 2005 and marks the beginning of the fifth month for our characters since the first page, a span that's taken us over two years to cover. Ah, comic book time...