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Forty-Three - Solitaire

Howlett couldn't even do

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The Horizontal

     I haven't really gotten into the whole governmental structure of Porphyria before this, but it's the standard federal, state and local levels of jurisdiction. Here's hoping folks can make sense of it.

     As for the details behind Ms. Aroonsen's litany, the explosion in the Myrmec Quarter happened during our 3rd storyline, "Chrysalis," the insectoid queen's palace was in our previous storyline, "Burning Down the House," the abandoned warehouse downtown went up in storyline #4, "Dust Bunny," and the medical center in storyline #22, "On a Clear Day." The riot happened during the 39th storyline, "Twelve Feet Under," and the Nulla Lucis blasted the floor of Gadsden Bay in an attempt to kill Our Heroes back in storyline #23, "Point of Order."