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Forty-Three - Solitaire

in my snout than

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The Horizontal

     Your mark of a quality webcomic: a buncha snakes in a hallway talking.

     Besides, having the characters slip into other languages always brings out the anal-retentive in me. For instance, "ksaksik," being used there by Sair Pilar, is the rude Cobraic word for non-serpents--literally, it means "airless" and has to do with the widely held sherpesh belief that mammals don't breathe the same way serpents do since mammals don't worship the Seven Winds.

     The more polite term, "rashant," is the one Sair Melchior uses, the one I translate as "furfolk." It's also more polite in this context since Ms. Aroonsen, as we learned earlier, is a "draiyokar," a little spot of doldrum where the wind never blows. So she is quite literally "ksaksik," much more so than most of the mammals we've met in these stories...

     But I'm going to stop now before I start delving even further into the connotations and denotations of various Cobraic terms and phrases.