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Forty-Nine - Introduction & Allegro

I screamed and charged,

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The Horizontal

     Where to start, where to start?

     We saw how Eelstad was tied to the bracelet back near the end of our 16th storyline, "Toil and Trouble," for instance, then saw Awkawt confronting Eelstad at the end of "This Mortal Coil," our 28th storyline and Eelstad confronting Rust in the middle of our 33rd storyline, "Against the Dying of the Light."

     For Awkawt and Fran, then, well, you've really gotta start with, say, this page near the beginning of our 30th storyline, "The Way of All Flesh," and continue on through the next 420 pages or so to the end of our 35th storyline, "Iris Out." Or just wait till tomorrow: I'm guessing Fran's gonna tell us her thoughts on a few things...