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     Did I mention that Book IX here was gonna be more like an actual book than some of the previous stuff I've called books in the past? The way the individual storyline are gonna be chapters and there's gonna be a "through-line" and all? 'Cause if I haven't mentioned that, well, here's the proof of it. What happens next? Tune in for storyline #51, "Menuet a Tre," chapter 3 of Rhapsody!

     And as it was still Friday as I sat borrowing the wireless connection of this coffee shop in Lakeside, California, here are Friday's pages! Thanks once again to Van Mojo and Hawthorne Tree for letting me slouch my rumpled self upon their sofa between my Thursday and Friday visits to Comic-Con International. I performed my 7th annual shaking of Brad Guigar's hand and let him know we two represented one-half of the remaining contestants in this whole contest thing and picked up 2 copies of the limited edition My Little Pony poster, one of which I'll be sending to the guy who runs Equestria Daily. Ah. the adventure!