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Fifty-One - Menuet a Tre

my whole world narrowed

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The Horizontal

     Because our characters weren't running around in nearly enough directions already.

     I was trying to think when we last saw Sam and Uma in the comic, and it looks like it was back at the ending of our 42nd storyline, "Burning Down the House," the final chapter of Daily Grind's Book VII, The City When it Sleeps. Looks like we'll be seeing more of them pretty quick here, though!

     But if you're looking for something completely different, I finished serializing my My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan novel, Half the Day is Night, over at Equestria Daily during the July 4th weekend. After three-and-a-half months of labor under the name AugieDog, I've decided to abandon the whole idea of "internet anonymity" and embrace the work as my own. 'Cause I really enjoyed doing it and might just do another one once I get done with the more-saleable novel I'm working on.

     Something else new--or, rather, a new form of something old. My long-out-of-print novel The Blood Jaguar is now available in a Kindle edition for those of you who might have Kindles. Give a look or two!

      And I've finished reading my unpublished novel Rat's Reputation, a semi-sequel to my published novel, The Blood Jaguar, on my radio program. So feel free to check the Rat's Reputation page for downloadable MP3 files of all 20 half-hour installments.