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personally as I do,

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The Horizontal

     Eight years ago when I drew the first pages of this comic, I didn't even know these two characters: Dodger didn't enter our stories till near the beginning of our 26th storyline, "Artifacts," and Norma didn't arrive till near the end of our 31st storyline, "Refraction." They had their not-so-cute meet at the beginning of the next storyline, "A Flick of the Lash," had arrived at something of a detente when our 41st storyline, "Grand Opening," began, and were sounding positively friendly on the second of these pages near the middle of our 51st storyline, "Menuet a Tre." Steven's death at the end of Book IX: Rhapsody pushed them together, and, well, the rest is yet to come as we leap into the next eight years of Daily Grind comics!