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Sixty-Three - Paper Moon

I spent twenty minutes

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The Horizontal

     Heh. I just noticed that "wedding" and "webbing" are practically the same word....

     Still, I am determined--determined, I tell you!--to actually get to the Royal Wedding this book. Long time readers may recall that the Oberon and the Titania were supposed to get hitched at the end of Book VIII: Stolen Moments, but I ended up rewriting a bunch of my notes at the last minute and took that whole thing in a completely different direction. Then Mike Stevens fell out of this contest of ours halfway through the first chapter of Book IX: Rhapsody, and that triggered a whole series of story protocols that took up the rest of that book. Book X: Sun Won't Stop, then, had to deal with the repercussions of Book IX, and now, well, now we've come to Book XI: Midwinter's Eve. So wedding ahoy!