Hearts and Minds

A pre-Daily Grind Adventure
featuring D. F. Tharka and A. Gana Belea

Part Two: The Corner Office

     So here's Part Two of Hearts and Minds. It has the first appearance of Gloria, the secretary at D F & A Investigations, a character who probably won't show up in Daily Grind. But one never knows, do one?

     As I said in the notes for Part One, "The Return of Dr. Dragonwagon," the title for this second episode came from Lori Thibedoux: she'd just been promoted at work the week before and had been given, yes, you guessed it, a corner office. It worked nicely into my story plans 'cause I wanted to show Tharka and Gana at work after we'd seen them in action "on the street" in the previous episode.

     Anyway, without further meandering, here's "The Corner Office," Part Two of Hearts and Minds, one of the many pre-Daily Grind adventures of D. F. Tharka and A. Gana Belea.

     Part Three, "Sock Puppet Carbuncle," lies ahead, dear reader. You can also go back to Part One, or even return to the Archive Page, the Table of Contents, or the Daily Grind Main Page.