Other Art

     The only other art that I do is my first webcomic, Terebinth.

     But other folks have done Daily Grind-related artwork, and I've made a little page called Art to display it. Feel free to take a look.

Other Words

     I have stories I write that aren't Daily Grind-related, and you can buy electronic versions of some of them from my bookshelf at Fictionwise. My novel's there, too, or you can pick up a used copy of The Blood Jaguar on actual paper at Amazon. In addition, I've got a few stories available for reading free on the internet: "Familiars," originally published in vol. 19 of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress anthology; "Why They Call Me Mr. Goddamn Happy" from the 3rd issue of HelixSF; and "The Super Secret Origin of She-Man" from Helix's final issue.

     As for this Contest of ours, I looked at all the contestants' strips during the summer of 2005 and wrote Book Reports on them, if you'd like to take a look. I've also written a couple articles for The Webcomics Examiner: "More Than Cute" about Adrian Ramos's fine comic, Count Your Sheep, and "The New Cute," focusing on the work three other webcartoonists are doing to expand the idea of cuteness into new realms. But these vanished when the aforementioned Webcomics Examiner disappeared.

     I then wrote 8 webcomics review columns for Comixtalk: you can find them listed on this page here. And in the time since Xerxes stopped accepting freelance submissions there, I've sold a couple reviews to a webzine called Polu Texni and another to Strange Horizons.

Other Sounds

     I've recorded a couple of Daily Grind-related songs, accompanying myself on my old Takamine 12-string guitar: the theme song to the seventh storyline, "Pocketful of Dreams," lyrics by John Burke and music by James V. Monaco; and the theme song to the twenty-second storyline, "On a Clear Day," lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Burton Lane.

     You can also hear my radio program, The Darkling Eclectica, by visiting the website of KUCI in Irvine every Sunday afternoon from 2 till 4 Pacific time and clicking on the "listen live" link.

     And down here, I'll put a link back to the Main Page.