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Fifty-One - Menuet a Tre

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     The Fall of Remees first got mentioned in the comic, I think, back in the middle of our 16th storyline, "Toil and Trouble," and was such a low point in mortal-Fae relations that it spawned a group of mortal sorcerers entirely dedicated to stopping any Fae intervention in the mortal world. That group, The Eyes of the World, was the focus of our 6th book of Daily Grind adventures and was formerly headed by Norma Galverson, seen in these two pages asking for chairs.

     And as long as we're talking about folks appearing in these two current pages, I'll reference another page from the middle of the above mentioned 16th storyline, the page on which our fiendish pal Rust is first mentioned. And the third wizard alluded to briefly there? That turns out to be Awkawt, we learn at the end of "This Mortal Coil," our 28th storyline.

     So everything's relative here at Daily Grind!