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Fifty-One - Menuet a Tre

him, gun still raised,

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     Oh, man, but I don't wanna tell this story...

     But it's outta my hands. When Mike Stevens fell out of the Contest here during the third week of Rhapsody, this current Ninth Book of Daily Grind, well, that was an act with consequences. And one of those consequences is the reappearance of a certain big nasty spider: if you'd like a refresher in the Nulla Lucis, I'll recommend heading back to "Administrative Oversight," our 18th storyline, and then continuing on into Till There was You, our 4th Book.

     But all that horrible stuff can wait till after our next storyline, "Scherzando," in which we tie up a few loose ends reaching back to the end of "Crack of Dawn," our 34th storyline. So stand by for that!

     And on top of all that, these pages here represent the 1700th update in this whole Contest!