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Fifty-Two - Scherzando

his ears curving up

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The Horizontal

     The fourth movement of Rhapsody, the ninth book of Daily Grind stories, is marked "Scherzando," indicating that it's to be played in a light, joking fashion. I mean, just because our previous storyline ended with one of the nastiest characters ever to crawl from the fetid depths of my skull apparently reintegrating herself, there's no reason we shouldn't have a light little humorous story, is there?

     Also, this is the first time we have an actual musical composition being referenced in this whole faux-musical structure I'm monkeying around with: if you'd like to boogie along with the song Quetzal is scatting to himself on the second page there, it's Herbie Hancock's classic "Canteloupe Island," the original version, of course, with Freddie Hubbard on trumpet.

     If you'd like to review the circumstances surrounding Howlett allowing Quetzal to inhabit him, that all happened near the end of "Adagietto," our fiftieth storyline and the 2nd movement of Rhapsody. And while I'm pretty sure I've told folks to go back and re-read "Crack of Dawn," too, our 34th storyline and the one that left the dangling plot threads Quetzal will be wrapping up for us during this storyline, I'll mention it here again in case anyone's joining us for the first time....