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Fifty-Three - Toccata & Fugue

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The Horizontal

     For those of you who might be new, I'll point to this page as an example of the six-week story structure I typically use around here: take five weeks to set up the dominoes, then in the sixth week, kick 'em all over.

     But as long as I'm pointing stuff out, let me put up some Links to the Past: this page from the middle of our 30th storyline, "The Way of All Flesh," with Howlett conjecturing that the Eyes of the World was composed entirely of "active magi," those who focus their power through their bodies rather than through magical devices, and this page from the middle of our 32nd storyline, "A Flick of the Lash," where Eduard presents proof to support this claim. It seems this might have some bearing on our current situation.