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Fifty-Three - Toccata & Fugue

very hard to focus--

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The Horizontal

     Comment for the first page: If you've followed my recent advice and re-read our 42nd storyline, "Burning Down the House," the concluding chapter of Daily Grind's seventh book, The City When it Sleeps, then you know pretty much all that's been revealed about the Arch of Time--it gets a reference on this page here in case you missed it, and there's an even quicker mention all the back near the end of our 19th storyline, "Signing the Senses." Or you can just go read Walter Wangerin Jr.'s talking animal novel The Book of the Dun Cow 'cause I'm pretty sure that's where I'm stealing the concept from.

     Comment for the second page: It's handy to have a member of the city council on your team for those times when a bureaucracy needs to be danced with, I always say.