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Fifty-Four - Totenfeier

he was leaving the

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The Horizontal

     Howlett first found the books Doc and Mrs. Teasdale are talking about hidden in Awkawt's fireplace back in the middle of our 30th storyline, "The Way of All Flesh." Tharka took charge of them, but by the time "Refraction," our 31st storyline, rolled around, we saw it was Alice and Gana who took on the job of translating them, and Gana who, at the beginning of the 40th storyline, "The Best Defense," had figured out how to actually make them work.

     As for the big red spider there at the end, she was a big brown spider when she first appeared near the end of our 18th storyline, "Administrative Oversight," and over the next six storylines, she established herself as a monster so awful, even old Scratch was scared of her. And now she's back!